Healthy Lunchbox Week at Ainslie IGA

Last week we celebrated Healthy Lunchbox Week. A campaign created by Nutrition Australia to champion and educate families on the importance of healthy lunchboxes.

Healthier Choices Canberra (HCC) collaborated with Ainslie IGA to bring Healthy Lunchbox Week to life. All week Ainslie IGA had an end of aisle display featuring healthier lunch box items, including muesli bars, breakfast items and lunchbox sized beverages.

Nick, Manager at Ainslie IGA, said participating in Healthy Lunchbox Week was a no-brainer for the IGA. “We have lots of families who come through daily. The end of aisle display provides an opportunity to showcase what the healthier options are, hopefully making it a little easier for families”.

End of aisle display at Ainslie IGA

With the support of the ACT Nutrition Support Service (ACTNSS), HCC also held a pop-up stall outside the IGA with Dietician, Jacqui Bampton showcasing some of the healthier lunchbox options and answering any and all questions parents and guardians had.

“It was great having Jacqui there on Thursday, talking to customers about the basics of making up a healthier lunch box but also providing a bit more information on why some products are more suitable than others" said Nick.

Jacqui Bampton, Nutrition Australia, outside of Ainslie IGA

7 tips from the team at Nutrition Australia on how to plan a healthy lunchbox.

Steps to planning a healthy lunchbox

  1. Make time to prepare. Have fresh fruit and vegetables, milk and yogurt, bread and crackers all bought in advance.

  2. Shop wisely and save money. Buy fresh fruit and vegetables in season to ensure good quality and value for money.

  3. Make your own snacks. For example snack packs from fresh ingredients which you can buy in bulk.

  4. Look after the environment. Put sandwiches and other items in reusable containers. This uses less packaging and creates less rubbish.

  5. Choose a variety of foods from the 5 food groups.

  6. Include a bottle of water. No need for sweetened drinks such as juice, cordial or soft drink as these contain too much sugar which is not good for teeth. Non-water drinkers usually start drinking water with the example of other children. Freeze a small quantity each night and top up with cold water in the morning for a cool summer drink.

  7. Keep food cool. In warm weather freeze a water bottle or put a small ice pack in the lunchbox.

Thanks to Ainslie IGA, ACTNSS & Nutrition Australia for the opportunity to work together to promote healthier school lunches! For more information visit: