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Healthier Choices Canberra makes it easier for Canberrans to find tasty, fresh and healthier food and drink options. We partner with local businesses and sporting clubs to take the guess work out when buying groceries, eating out, visiting kids entertainment venues, or when watching or playing junior sports.

Research shows that Australians are eating out more than ever and spending a greater percentage of their household income on food and dining out (1). A recent survey showed that more than 60% of Canberrans said they’re looking for healthier choices at the places we go to regularly - the supermarket, club restaurants, cafes and children’s entertainment venues (2).


Healthier Choices Canberra increases the number of healthier options available to families and makes it easier for customers to spot them. Eating a variety of healthy foods is essential for health and wellbeing.

When visiting participating local businesses, look out for the HC icon on menus, or HCC signage in store.

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These phenomenal businesses have all committed to providing healthier food and drink options to the Canberra community.


Our heartfelt thanks goes to each and every one of our participating businesses for nourishing the Canberra community!

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Interested in joining our HCC network? Just contact us and we will reach out for a chat with you!


Our team will provide a free menu assessment, work with you to develop delicious and healthy menu items, and promote your business on our website and social media channels.

We also work with junior sport clubs in Canberra to boost sales of healthier food and drinks at their clubs, and reduce marketing of unhealthy options. If you’re a junior sport club looking for some tips and tricks, a parent looking for more healthier options at your local club or even a business looking to collaborate with a junior sports clubs - we’d love to hear from you. Find out more by visiting this page or simply contact us below.


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What is a healthier choice item?

A healthier choice item is one that meets our recommendations for a healthier meal. In particular it will contain plenty of healthy ingredients such as vegetables and/or fruit and be limited in less healthy ingredients such as deep-fried items, processed meats and confectionary.

Who identifies the heathier choices?

A team of Accredited Practising Dietitians from the ACT Nutrition Support Service assess every food and drink item on the menu and identify the healthier options using an evidence-based criteria. This method means you can rely on the ‘HC’ icon on menus. Find more information by visting the ACTNSS website -

How much does it cost to be a part of Healthier Choices Canberra?

Nothing! It's a completely FREE service. We want to make it as easy as possible for Canberrans to make healthier choices when they're out and about!

How do I register as a HCC business?

If you’re a local business who wants to be part of Healthier Choices Canberra, get in touch with Klarisa our Program Lead via email at



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Klarisa Cengic

Program Lead

  1. The Intermedia Group Pty Ltd. (2017). Eating out in Australia 2017.

  2. Winton Sustainable Research Strategies. (2018). Pre-implementation Benchmarks for the Healthier Choices Canberra Initiative.